Are you ready for the big league?

Opening Day for the 2013 season made me recall a conversation with a friend, it made me think of how much a little extra effort, mere inches, can yield such a big return. We were waiting for a baseball game to begin and he was reviewing the stats of the players for each team as they appeared on the big screen in the ball park. It was almost as if he were thinking aloud walking through his analysis comparing the salary of a player with a batting average of x with that of y. He logically proceeded to calculate that if ball player x increased his batting average by 10 over the season, it could translate to as much as $1 Million to $1.5 Million a year in salary.
This made me think about how I could help candidates share their story to prospective employers. As a professional career matchmaker, the Career Yenta TM , I need to learn as much as I can from the candidate. So many times, as we meet, I hear the laundry list of requirements they have for their next role. As there has been a steady progression, people expect that their experience should warrant more. I strongly believe that people should live their positive vision.  The challenge, especially in this economy is, there is great competition for a single role, hence, while in the old world, the direct correlation could be there between experience and salary, in our brave new world, candidates need to develop metrics and show a progression of increased value – you need to stand out. Just as a ball player sharpens his saw by training enhancing his craft, we as professionals need to continue to grow and adapt to the needs of the market place. This is especially true if you are in job search mode. Just like a baseball player- your stats, like skills, salary, length of time in an organization are measured and evaluated. What are you doing to stand out and get noticed and make yourself a leader of the pack of competitors for your job? Tweaking of small little details that you may not even think about could make the difference to get you into your next role. Are you tired of sending resume after resume into the “black hole” with no response? Does your job search feel stale? Do you feel unmotivated and frustrated? Join me for a boot camp! Spring is here! Time to shed that winter baggage – do some mental spring cleaning and gear up to re-energize your passion for your career or a new you in a new job- let us help bring you closer to your yes.

Give us a call- join us at boot camp!


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