What’s your Mt. Everest?

Yesterday’s news shared that “Yuichiro Miura, an 80-year-old Japanese mountaineer who became the oldest person to reach the top of Mount Everest last Thursday, almost died on the descent. While he currently doesn’t have plans of another climb of the world’s highest peak, he will be doing plenty of skiing.”
I love this story!! How many times have you told yourself, you can’t do something, it will never happen, or I’m too old??? It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why you can’t, or how things won’t work or to let other people scare you and make you believe the negative. Granted, you can’t rely on wishing something to happen – expecting it to magically occur. Don’t get me wrong- I encourage people often to wish, dream big and think positive… but the real magic comes from ACTION! Miracles happen when you’re putting yourself out there and trying. You may fail 5 times, 10 times, 100 times… but with each failure, you have the opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve! Some call this character building. I like to think of it as true grit – guts- POWER!!! The secret sauce to success is staying humble and open to learn from others and realize you can’t do it alone or just for yourself. Sometimes you need a little help and sometimes you need to consider the greater good. It doesn’t diminish your success by any means. We can see and learn from each of these elements in Mr. Miura’s story. Last week he was quoted in this article: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/japanese-climber-80-year-old-man-becomes-oldest-atop-mount-everest-052213 ,
“On his expedition’s website, Miura explained his attempt to scale Everest at such an advanced age: “It is to challenge (my) own ultimate limit. It is to honor the great Mother Nature.”

He said a successful climb would raise the bar for what is possible.

“And if the limit of age 80 is at the summit of Mt. Everest, the highest place on earth, one can never be happier,” he said.”

I’m overwhelmed and inspired on multiple levels!!! It’s not just the fact that he’s done this at 80, but here is a man that is constantly upping the bar!!! Based on his comments, I don’t doubt that he will top this!

I’m humbled by Mr. Miura’s story as he is constantly striving to improve and “honor the great Mother Nature.” It changes my perspective on not only achieving a goal, but forcing me to ask, what is my intention- what is the purpose- what is the value- who is honored and benefits from the achievement of my goal? Achievement could grow to not only include yourself but the world or universe at large!!!! Honestly- if Mr. Miura is doing this at 80, we all have NO excuse to NOT overcome the obstacles to get to the summit of our own personal Mt. Everests!!!!

So what does your Mt. Everest look like? What can you do to break down the tasks to success into achievable bites? (I’m sorry- I can’t help thinking of that joke- How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…You were warned- I apologized in advance). Can you change the scope to include a benefit for others- for the world or universe at large?

If you’re having a challenge in making that breakthrough in your job search or career management- give us a call- sign up for a Career Yenta Boot CampTM – reach out and let G45 Consulting or the Career Yenta TM help you!!!

Love Always,
Career Yenta TM


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