Sharing some of Dad’s Wisdom for Father’s Day

Marina fall 2009 modified

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!!!  Happy Father’s Day to Father’s that are still here with us, those that have passed and to Moms that are both Mom & Dad!

When I think of Father’s Day, I love to think about the relationship people have with their Dads.  While I have volumes of wisdom from my Dad, I think of a shared wisdom I have with a good friend that I used to work with.  Almost daily, we used to go grab a cup of coffee and strategize on how to successfully navigate the competitive, cut-throat environment we were living in.  His father had recently retired, so almost as if he intuitively knew we were on break would time his daily call during our coffee.  Each day, Dad would open the call with the same question:  “What are you doing to bring value today?”  My friend would point at the phone, mouth the word “Dad”, smile this great special smile held for his fiancé and Dad, and give the 30 second briefing. Afterwards we would giggle about it and honor our fathers by developing our plans for value for the next interim.   My dear Dad has been gone many years, yet in some bizarre way, it feels like we communicate daily, whether it’s a memory, something I think he would’ve liked, or the execution of a lesson he imparted on me so long ago.  In those daily calls, I recalled a similar question from my Dad.  To this day, it warms my heart when I talk to my friend and we ask each other that same question- “What are you doing to bring value today?”

Hand in hand with this wisdom from my Dad was: “To do the job right, you need the proper tools.”  In managing your career, there are a number of slight changes you may not even be aware of that when timed correctly, could tee you up perfectly to your next best step. This is where the use of a career coach can bring value.  Sure, luck and skill may have played a big part in your navigation thus far, a coach can help catapult you beyond what you currently imagine for yourself.  As I shared in my last blog… we are not islands.. it’s all about relationship and “You get by with a little help from your friends.” (The Beatles)  What’s your vision?  What’s your next step?  Are you equipped with all the proper tools to get the job done right? I can help you.  I get it, maybe you’re a person that likes to do it yourself… that’s fine too!  We can develop a custom fit coaching program to help you overcome whatever obstacle your facing.  I or my team of experts can help… give us a shot.  Why stay stuck?  Why keep pushing the same strategy to achieve mediocre results?  Isn’t your time, your life worth more than that?

If you find you need help with networking or would like to learn of some books you can read to sharpen your saw… drop me a line, call into the radio show or sign up for a Career Yenta Boot Camp TM  .

Feel free to share wisdom from your Dad and the impact it has had on your life.

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